About Me
A semi-professional photographer based in the south of England. My work mostly consists of sport, street, landscape and abstract but I am always looking to expand my portfolio.
I believe that photography is more than the everyday phone camera shot. It is about seeing and learning to see. If you really want to expand your photography then take some time out, leave all tech behind, take a walk and see. What can you see? How does the light affect what you see? What is the best angle? It may sound so simple but sometimes we forget to really see, to really expand ourselves.
I have varying kit, from old 35mm and medium format film cameras, through to the most modern Nikon and Olympus digital cameras.
You will find me willing to take on almost every task offered, but the results may not be what you expect. Coming from sport and street I look for the instance rather than the pose. Not to say I cannot look for the pose but sometimes the instance is the more interesting.
Of course, being a photographer does not pay the bills, hence why I am only semi-professional. The real paying work is that of software sales. This means that I do not look to make a living from photography and therefore you may find that I can perform your task for far less than anyone else, try me.